Our Official Opening!

If you haven’t already heard our official opening is this Friday 11th July and we couldn’t be more excited. Our doors will be opening at 10am for all of our members as well as to the general public.

Our ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 12pm and we are honoured that The Worshipful the Mayor (Councillor Michelle Wiseman) of Bury will be performing this for Village Greens.

We will be open until 6:30pm on Friday so you can stay for as long or as little as you like. Our team have worked hard to make sure we have as much produce as possible for you all and you will be able to buy fantastic organic fruit and veg, local beers, organic meat, delicious deli goodies, wholefood staples and fabulous chilled and frozen produce. The most mouth wateringly yummy fresh bread will be arriving at 12pm so make sure you are there to get your hands on some!

We hope to see you all at the Village Greens opening this Friday. Come and mingle, have a look around and buy some exceptional produce!

Please note that we will be opening without the use of card machines, these will be up and running in the coming weeks. However, there is a Halifax and Barclays cash point very close by. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We have Light!

Our new lighting is looking amazing and we hope you’ll love it too.  Thanks to Chris Pope and John Lyons for a great job, and see you again soon lads to fit rest of electrics.

Things will move fast in next couple of weeks as everything comes together and our unit goes from a shell to a fully kitted out shop ready for stock, systems and staff.

If everything is on schedule doors should be open by end of June so watch progress as you pass and count down the days til fresh summer veg and good whole foods are available again in our very own village – we can’t wait !!

Oh and by the way YES YOU CAN STILL INVEST

It is not too late to become a member and join 391 others who have shared the vision of Village Greens.  Just £100 investment allows you to be a co-owner of your own local community co-op and have a democratic say in its future and sustainability, and you can even pay in instalments of £10 for 10 months with the amazing incentive of a possible 50% tax relief if you are a tax payer.  YES 50% of your investment back in your tax. (Investment is from £100-£20,000)

Read everything you need to know on our share offer link, submit your application, or email us for more info on  info@village-greens-coop.co.uk

Shopfit News

Things are progressing well with our shop.  We have a new floor and this week  the main work gets underway for real so we will keep you posted along the way.

There’s much we can do in there at the moment but we will give you a shout when we need volunteers in again to help with painting.

NB Job applications for part time vacancy currently closed.  Weekend/casual vacancies to be advertised soon

We need your help

Can you spare a couple of hours over the coming weekend to come along and help us make a start on the unit? (Old Blockbuster store, Longfield Centre, Prestwich).
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May – anytime between 11am-4pm 
We are so excited to have the keys and have a long list of jobs to tackle!
NB Please be aware the unit is dusty and dirty so you need to be happy to be in there at your own risk.
       We suggest wearing masks, goggles and rubber gloves for some tasks for your own safety.
       Any tools or cleaning materials that you can bring along that you feel might be helpful would be greatly appreciated.
These are some of the things we plan to do:
*Chisel off plaster on walls –  we will need chisels and hammers
*Make good plasterboard on walls – pull out nails, fill holes etc – need pliers and polyfilla
*Remove wooden wall battons – hammer
*Cleaning up ceiling, taking down fittings and filling holes to make ready for painting – general tools, polyfilla and ladders
*General cleaning inside and out – all cleaning materials & rubber gloves!
*Painting walls – maybe on Sunday we will even get round to painting some of the back rooms too.  If you have any spare paint, colour just off white/cream, then donations gratefully received.  We will need brushes, rollers + extending pole handles too.
Thank you for showing an interest in volunteering to get the shop ready, we can’t wait to see you there.
Any questions then feel free to give email or call us

We have our shop!

Whoopee the lease is complete and the strip out of the unit has actually started so we are only weeks away from opening Village Greens.

How fantastic and amazing is that!

Luckily this first part is being done by the landlord as it is very dirty and dusty so we will have a bare canvas to move into and create something unique for our community.

To be kept up to date with all progress and our appeals for volunteers and help sign up to our newsletter or follow us on twitter and facebook.

Become involved, become a volunteer, become a member – the choice is yours.

Be a member/co-owner of our community co-op

Buy shares from a minimum of £100 upto £20,000 and become a member of Village Greens – its easy and only takes a few moments to complete our on-line share application and send your investment by bank transfer – please read recommended documents – see below.

Community co-ops are incredibly successful enterprises, owned and supported by people who truly want the service they offer. We already have over 367 members so we know that bringing this grocery store to Prestwich is very much needed.  Many of us are fed up shopping in the large supermarkets and want to buy fresh, local, organic and affordable food with traceable provenance and ethical origins. This is why 7 of us have been working for over 12 months to produce a model we feel will work in the North of Manchester, which will be unique, offer good wholesome food, fresh bread, an exciting deli counter and all with a friendly service.

50% Tax Relief – this amazing incentive means that as a tax payer you may be eligible for 50% back off your investment through the government Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.  Designed to help support the smaller business model, we have advanced assurance from HMRC that our share offer application fits the right criteria – see page 4 of  Share Offer for full info.

Instalments - choose this easy option to pay for your shares as long as you make all payments within 12 months to ensure you may be eligible for your 50% tax relief..  Complete our on-line application, below, state your investment amount and next to it add how much and how often you wish to pay eg £10 over 10 months.

 BANK TRANSFER DETAILS for all transactions are to our Co-op account as follows: Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative,

sort Code   08-92-99 ;   account no     65690552

Please note the holding account is now closed so all monies should go to above account

 NB If printing this form, send with cheque made out to Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative Ltd, to:

Rachel Getliffe, Secretary for Village Greens, 23 Hardmans Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7BB

Share Application to complete on-line

I the undersigned, wish to purchase shares in Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative Ltd. I confirm I am 16 years of age or over, and have read and understood the Share Offer. You are invited also to look at our Business PlanCo-op Rules and Cash Flow forecast too.

By requesting that I become an investing member in Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative Ltd I agree to my name and details as provided above, together with the number of shares I wish to purchase being held on a computer database.  I understand that this information will be used for the purpose of maintaining a register of members and potential members as required by the rules of the IPS, for posting of notices regarding the activities of Village Greens, and will NOT be passed to third parties.

Your funds will be held initially in a trust account and you will be issued with confirmation by email.

We plan to list the names of all our investors (but NOT amounts invested) on our website www.village-greens-coop.co.uk. If you do NOT wish your name to appear please email info@village-greens-coop.co.uk with subject ‘opt out of name on the website’.

Thank you for your support and for becoming a member co-owner of Village Greens.

25 – the magical number to achieve success

£25 – we’ve worked out that all we need to reach our target is simply £25 from 350 sources and we have made it – job done!

Businesses donate £25 (or more) and we will endorse your name in helping to create Village Greens – the cheapest advertising you will ever be offered!!

Individuals donate £25 and we will add you to our donations register unless you specify to opt out. We know that many of you wanted to help but couldn’t invest the full £100 – this way you can be a part too.

How do you donate?  Simple just send us an email to info@village-greens-coop.co.uk with your details and the amount donated then either send the money as a bank transfer or pop a cheque in the post as follows:

bank: Thomas Saul & Co Solicitors, sort code 30 95 42; account no 57912060

cheque made out to Thomas Saul & Co Solicitors and sent to :

Rachel Getliffe, Secretary for Village Greens, 23 Hardmans Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7BB