21 Oct

We ARE still accepting investment!

Our Share Offer has been extended to February 3rd 2014 so there is plenty of time to still buy your shares and become a member of Village Greens.

Together we have already raised nearly £65,000 which is a remarkable achievement but we need to raise more to confidently take the coop forward.

We are currently negotiating to secure the lease on the old Blockbuster unit in the Longfield Centre and want to be open as soon as we can in 2014.

So while we are reviewing the situation and making decisions on the next steps we need to take you can still:

 apply for shares for yourself or as a Christmas present for someone you know would love to be a part of this community owned coop

pledge and let us know by email when you would like to pay


 pay in instalments – again just email us

donate – make a donation for whatever amount you can afford or on behalf of someone else – every little helps

spread the word to everyone you know, both individuals and businesses and ask them to like us on Facebook and Twitter and lets arry on the buzz – tweet for us ‘I am a member of Village Greens – are you?’ and remind others to invest now.

events/talks – let us know anything going on that we can attend or groups we can come and talk to so that we can reach as many new people as possible

newsletters – let us know the contact of any group/sport newsletters so that we can add a piece about Village Greens

flyers/posters – we still have flyers for door drops and posters to keep raising awareness, so contact us if you need any or can put a poster up on a noticeboard in a staff room or public area where lots of people will see it

This is an amazing achievement – look what we have created together already.

We just have a little further to go and we know we can do it.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us, encouraged us and invested in Village Greens.

Fresh          Local          Organic          Affordable


Many people are telling us they are waiting to see how much we raise before they invest in case we don’t reach target.  We say – please please do invest and buy your shares NOW.  We need to know exactly how much money we can raise from individuals and businesses and hope the majority of funds will be met by the community share offer before we look to grants and very low interest finance (as we are a social enterprise with social aims) – something we only want to do as a last resort.  Our share offer is following the normal pattern where the majority of the money (upto 80% we are told) comes in the last few days!     That means we can still reach £120,000 even though it may seem a long way off right now – we KNOW we can do it!

We have always said failure wasn’t an option, but IF, and it is a big if, the project should fail then you WILL get your money back.  For your assurance and safeguard we have a holding account at Thomas Saul and Co Solicitors. This money will only be released to the Village Greens account if the enterprise is viable. If not all monies would be PROMPTLY paid back minus £1 to cover bank charges.  So that is all that is at stake, just £1 should we not make it.

But how can it fail with so much support already?  So be in from the beginning and say you are a member of Village Greens and buy your shares now, please don’t hold back.

Amazing 50% tax relief incentive too!  – don’t forget this fantastic opportunity to claim your 50% tax relief, if eligible, under the government Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS). What better incentive to invest and get half of your return back from HMRC on your tax return! This means that you could invest double your intention and get half back and help us meet our target quicker. Know any rich people????   Full details on the Share Offer Document as please note we are not allowed to give financial advice.

Could you increase your share? – we’ve been asked by a few people if they can increase their share offer and the simple answer is YES.  Investment is between £100-£20,000 so you can add more to your share if you want to.  Just email us or fill in a second application and we will add it to your original investment, and remember you may be eligible for 50% tax relief as just mentioned.

Want to invest but timing not good for you? Pledge now and let us know that you do want to become a member and buy shares, then talk to us about how and when you would like to pay.  We can arrange payment in instalments, though please note you do not become a member until final payment is made and this may affect your tax relief.

Wrap up a carrot for Christmas!! Wondering what to buy family and friends for Christmas?  Look no further – buy them a share in Village Greens! Get in touch and we’ll tell you how to do it and then you can wrap them up a carrot for under the tree!  Why a carrot?  simply because this is our symbol for support of the coop.

Flyers – get involved and collect some flyers from us at any of the above events – use them for door drops, take to work or hand out wherever you are going – particularly if you are at other events over the weekend that we can’t be at.  This has been a fantastic way of raising awareness for us and we know you have enjoyed doing something positive and active for us too. Thanks to all our helpers!

Posters – look out for our posters and let us know anywhere else we can put them up!

Apply to invest here NOW – there are only a few days left and we need to raise £120,000 from as many members as we can !!!


Please, complete this form and make your investment by bank transfer, ensuring you state your name as the reference to: sort code 30 95 42 and account no 57912060

NB If printing this form, send with cheque, to:

Rachel Getliffe, Secretary for Village Greens, 23 Hardmans Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7BB

I the undersigned, wish to purchase shares in Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative Ltd. I confirm I am 16 years of age or over, and have read and understood the Share Offer. You are invited also to look at our Business PlanCo-op Rules and Cash Flow forecast too.

By requesting that I become an investing member in Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative Ltd I agree to my name and details as provided above, together with the number of shares I wish to purchase being held on a computer database.  I understand that this information will be used for the purpose of maintaining a register of members and potential members as required by the rules of the IPS, for posting of notices regarding the activities of Village Greens, and will NOT be passed to third parties.

Your funds will be held initially in a trust account and you will be issued with a receipt by email, where possible, to help reduce our costs, or by post.

We plan to list the names of all our investors (but NOT amounts invested) on our website www.village-greens-coop.co.uk. If you do NOT wish your name to appear please email info@village-greens-coop.co.uk with subject ‘opt out of name on the website’.


Contact If you have any queries regarding your application please do not hesitate to contact us info@village-greens-coop.co.uk  or call Rachel on 07944 102208

Drop in Sessions We will also be at The Parkside Hotel, Bury Old Road this Wednesday evening, 4th December, between 7.15-8pm so come along and meet us, ask any further questions or simply bring your investment.

thank you

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