25 Jan

7 ways in 7 days to support Village Greens

Just over a week to go and £28,000 to raise to meet our target of £95,000 by Monday 3rd February.

Want to help?  Then here are 7 simple ways to get involved:

1. Not yet a member?  Been planning to buy your shares and just not got round to it?

Simply fill in your application and invest now – from £100-£20,000 and if you are a tax payer you may be eligible to 50% tax relief too under the SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme – see share offer).

We recommend your read our full Share Offer Application, Business Plan and Cash Flow forecast

2.  Already a member – consider increasing your share offer

Add any amount that feels right for you eg £10, £20, £50 or even double your investment!

Just email us to let us know and we will update our investor register


3.  Pay in instalments – we want to find ways for as many people as possible to have the opportunity to become members of this fantastic coop so spread your investment into manageable amounts* (see below)

eg £10 per month for 10 months

You become a fully fledged member with your final payment, and as long as payment is made within a 12 month period you may also be eligible for 50% tax relief too under the SEIS – it can’t get much better than that!

4.  Donate – if you can’t become a member you can make a donation

no matter the amount – every little is greatly appreciated and helps us get nearer to opening Village Greens

5.  Invite at least one other person you know to buy shares – remember they can pay in instalments too

280 existing members invite 280 new members @£100 each = £28,000

The exact amount we need to reach our target!!!!

That is how quickly and easily we can reach our goal – it couldn’t be simpler

6.  New networks – spread the word for us through your own networks, groups and workplaces.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and every post spreads to wider and wider audiences so we can reach new people all the time.

Sign up to our mailing list, see right, and forward our mailers to your address books.

7. Marketing –  put up a poster in a staff room or other public place; leave leaflets in popular places or give up an hour to door drop some leaflets for us near you. Email us to arrange collection or come to our drop in session – see below.

*Instalments – to pay for your membership in instalments please fill in the application form here on-line and email us to let us know how much and over what duration you wish to make payments. Then set up a standing order from your bank to ours as follows (NOT the Thomas Saul & Co Solicitors):

Village Greens (Prestwich) Co-operative

Sort Code   08-92-99           Account No     65690552


NB   Drop In Session – Wednesday 29th January 2014 at The Parkside, Bury Old Rd 7.15-8pm come along and hand in your application and investment, collect posters and leaflets or simply come and meet us and let us answer any queries you may have.




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