31 Jan

Investment with a social dividend

Looking for a new way to invest with more than just a financial return?

What better way to have not only a tax incentive but also a social dividend than becoming a member of a community co-op. They are an exciting and innovative way for people to become members and co-owners of a  business, with a democratic say, through investment by buying shares.

The social dividend is huge, providing a service that is needed and wanted where every member becomes an ambassador to help ensure the long term sustainability of the venture – that is why community co-ops are so successful.  They are also adaptable to the changing needs of the people who have created it.

Village Greens is bringing together hundreds of people in and around the North of Manchester to create a truly unique grocery shop that will offer an alternative shopping experience to the supermarkets, meeting the needs of its members and following an ethos to provide fresh, local, organic and affordable produce.

SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) has been set up by HMRC to help just such organisations as Village Greens.  We have advanced approval that all our investors who are tax payers may be eligible for 50% tax relief on the shares they buy.  Yes, that’s a possible 50% tax relief.

Invest now to be in from the beginning and help us create Village Greens together.

We recommend you read our Share Offer, Business Plan and Cash Flow before filling in your application and sending us your investment.


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