21 Feb

25 – the magical number to achieve success

£25 – we’ve worked out that all we need to reach our target is simply £25 from 350 sources and we have made it – job done!

Businesses donate £25 (or more) and we will endorse your name in helping to create Village Greens – the cheapest advertising you will ever be offered!!

Individuals donate £25 and we will add you to our donations register unless you specify to opt out. We know that many of you wanted to help but couldn’t invest the full £100 – this way you can be a part too.

How do you donate?  Simple just send us an email to info@village-greens-coop.co.uk with your details and the amount donated then either send the money as a bank transfer or pop a cheque in the post as follows:

bank: Thomas Saul & Co Solicitors, sort code 30 95 42; account no 57912060

cheque made out to Thomas Saul & Co Solicitors and sent to :

Rachel Getliffe, Secretary for Village Greens, 23 Hardmans Road, Whitefield, Manchester M45 7BB

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