31 May

We have Light!

Our new lighting is looking amazing and we hope you’ll love it too.  Thanks to Chris Pope and John Lyons for a great job, and see you again soon lads to fit rest of electrics.

Things will move fast in next couple of weeks as everything comes together and our unit goes from a shell to a fully kitted out shop ready for stock, systems and staff.

If everything is on schedule doors should be open by end of June so watch progress as you pass and count down the days til fresh summer veg and good whole foods are available again in our very own village – we can’t wait !!

Oh and by the way YES YOU CAN STILL INVEST

It is not too late to become a member and join 391 others who have shared the vision of Village Greens.  Just £100 investment allows you to be a co-owner of your own local community co-op and have a democratic say in its future and sustainability, and you can even pay in instalments of £10 for 10 months with the amazing incentive of a possible 50% tax relief if you are a tax payer.  YES 50% of your investment back in your tax. (Investment is from £100-£20,000)

Read everything you need to know on our share offer link, submit your application, or email us for more info on  info@village-greens-coop.co.uk

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