10 Sep

(3) Admin/HR/Book keeping Team Leader

Team Leader Job Descriptions:

Administration Team Leader (bookkeeping /HR desirable)

Responsible to:           The Board of Directors

Responsible for:          Collaborating with Senior Leadership Team Colleagues:

Shop Leaders and wider staff team.

Salary:                           £20,000 per anum

Contract hours:         40 per week


The purpose of the role: ensure the effective operation of the Shop and its contribution to the overall success of Village Greens Community Co-op Ltd.



  1. The Leadership Team is individually and jointly responsible to the Board of Village Greens Co-op Ltd, the group elected by members to exercise oversight of their business. The Board meets bi-monthly and the Leadership Team is expected to report to these meetings (arranging attendance between them).
  2. One director supervises the Leadership Team and takes responsibility for organising regular appraisals of performance which are reported to the Board.


Shared Leadership Team responsibilities:

Actively collaborate, co-operate and work as member of the Leadership Team to:

  1. Ensure excellent customer service, good financial performance, and a well-managed staff team.
  2. Manage the enterprise to achieve financial and social targets.
  3. Develop, implement and review sales, pricing and profit strategy.
  4. To manage and ensure adherence to the staff budget as set by the Board.
  5. Plan and conduct regular whole staff team meetings.
  6. Plan, implement and review regular stock takes as advised by the Board.


Lead responsibilities:

Customer Service:

  1. To support the Shop Leaders to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, including supporting Shop Leaders to efficiently run, welcome, clean and attractively configure their area of operation.
  2. To support the Shop Leaders to ensure that the Shop is compliant with all relevant legislation, including Environment Health; Trading Standards; Soil Association as Licensee; Challenge 25 as Alcohol Licensee.
  3. To develop relevant training and skills needed to cover all aspects for Shop Leaders’ roles during the absence of either or both.
  4. To cover the posts of both Shop Leaders to enable them to complete any financial, administrative or other tasks which take them ‘off’ the shop floor.
  5. To deputise for the Shop Leaders in their absence, including ensuring cover during break and holiday times or sickness.



  1. To develop, implement and review a training plan for the development of the business.
  2. To ensure that staff policies and procedures are implemented across the business and adhered to.
  3. To organise and/or oversee the recruitment, induction, training and appraisals/reviews of all staff, working with the Shop Leaders to enable and support implementation.
  4. To ensure personnel records are established and maintained and that procedures are followed to include :-

New starter induction


Rotas/task rota and accountability

Volunteer rota

Holiday requests & authorisation

Sickness and any follow up this may involve, including return to

work interviews


Leaving interviews


  1. To report to the Board on all matters relating to the staff team & personnel issues as necessary.
  2. To undertake the day to day management of premises including security, fire safety and maintenance, reporting and bringing relevant matters to the attention of the Board.
  3. To oversee admin for new members joining as share holders and the documentation that goes with this.
  4. To ensure the book-keeper has necessary delivery notes/invoices and rotas for payroll and to check payroll is correct and correlates to staff working hour prior to wages being paid.


Financial control:

  1. To manage and report on budgets relevant to the role as delegated by the Board.
  2. Weekly sales reports for Shop Leaders to assist with buying, listing best and worst sellers.
  3. Working with the EPOS system to generate reports that will assist in budgeting, profit/loss or anything else requested by the Board.



  1. Support the Shop Leaders to respond to customer feedback and requests.
  2. Working with the Shop Leaders to identify and pursue opportunities to promote the business.
  3. To lead on promoting and marketing the Shop by running regular offers and promotions in liasion with Shop Leaders, ensuring that initiatives are communicated to customers through marketing avenues, eg social media, newsletters, website etc.
  4. Engagement of members and proposed member only nights or discounts.
  5. Work with the Board and external Marketing team to agree and implement a marketing action plan.











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