10 Sep

Buying Team Leader Vacancy

Job Description: Buying Team Leader

Responsible to:             The Board of Directors

Responsible for: Collaborating with Senior Management Team Colleagues:Shop Manager, Administration Manager and wider staff team

Salary:                £20,000 per anum

Contract hours:            40 per week

The purpose of the role: ensure the effective operation of the Shop and its contribution to the overall success of Village Greens Community Co-op Ltd..


  1. The Leadership Team is individually and jointly responsible to the Board of Village Greens Co-op Ltd, the group elected by members to exercise oversight of their business. The Board meets bi-monthly and the Leadership Team is expected to report to these meetings (arranging attendance between them).
  2. One director supervises the Leadership Team and takes responsibility for organising regular appraisals of performance reported to the Board.


Shared Leadership Team responsibilities:

Actively collaborate, co-operate and work as member of the Leadership Team to:

  1. Ensure excellent customer service, good financial performance, and a well-managed staff team.
  2. Manage the enterprise to achieve financial and social targets.
  3. Develop, implement and review a sales, pricing and profit strategy.
  4. To manage and ensure adherence to the staff budget as set by the Board.
  5. Plan and conduct regular whole staff team meetings
  6. Plan, implement and review regular stock-takes as advised by the Board.


Lead responsibilities:

Customer Service:

  1. To manage the Shop to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, including ensuring that the Shop is efficiently run, welcoming, clean and attractively configure their area of operation.
  2. To respond to customer feedback and requests.
  3. To ensure that all ordering, buying and deliveries are in keeping with budgets, staff rotas and stock control for all departments of the shop, including ambient, chilled/frozen, deli, fresh and alcohol are available to customers.
  4. To liaise with Shop Leader B to ensure that pricing is accurate for shop signage and promotional information communicated.
  5. To ensure that the EPOS system is operated accurately and updated with all new lines, price changes, promotion details and times.
  6. To check the bi-monthly wholesaler catalogues for best deals and order accordingly for shop to promote lines and increase sales and profit.
  7. To ensure that returns, faulty goods, customer complaints are dealt with effectively direct with each supplier.
  8. To ensure that invoices match the delivery notes to pass to book-keeper and alert of any anomolies.
  9. To be responsible for customer special orders and initiate a system for this to run efficiently with appropriate training for all staff.
  10. To ensure that the Shop is compliant with all relevant legislation, including Environment Health; Trading Standards; Soil Association in accordance with instruction from the Administration Leader.
  11. To have all relevant training and skills needed to cover all aspects for the other Shop Leaders and Administration roles during the absence of either or both, including breaks, holiday times or sickness.
  12. To cover the posts of the other Shop Leader to enable them to complete any financial, administrative or other tasks which take them ‘off’ the shop floor.


Staff Management:

  1. Manage and ensure the ongoing training of Assistant staff members working in the shop, ensuring regular staff support meetings.
  2. Work with the Administration Manager to organise the recruitment, induction, training and appraisal of staff.
  3. Work with the Administration Manager to ensure all personnel records are established and maintained.
  4. Report to the Board on all matters relating to the Shop staff team.



Financial control:

  1. To ensure the profit margins agreed with the Board on all shop sales are


  1. To manage all ordering, purchasing and deliveries including dealing with

discrepancies and returns.

  1. To ensure systems of budgetary control are followed and report to the Board of Directors on performance against targets.
  2. To ensure full compliance with systems for managing cash including security, banking, tills, weighing points and card reading equipment.
  3. To ensure weekly wastage sheets are recorded ready for reporting.
  4. To undertake cashing up when rota’d to do so.
  5. To ensure good quality opening and closing routines are adhered to when rota’d to do so.
  6. To manage all stock control and rotation, continuity of supply, minimization of waste and dealing with discrepancies and returns.


Other Duties

  1. To deal with, record and/or pass on to the Administration Manager premises and Health and Safety issues.
  2. Identify opportunities to promote the Shop.
  3. Work with the Administration Manager to promote the Shop by running regular offers and promotions, ensuring that initiatives are         communicated to customers in store and by the   Marketing Team.
  4. Deputise for the other Shop Leader and Administrative Leader in their absence.







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