Share Offer

The founding members of Village Greens decided to release a share offer to raise the finance to open the business while also offering a way for as many people as possible to be involved and become member/owners through their investment.

Our share offer has proved extremely successful, raising over £95,000 by May 2014.

The share offer remains open at present so you can still invest and become a member/co-owner of Village Greens, and if you are a tax payer you may be eligible for 50% tax relief on this investment under the SEIS government incentive.

Everything you need to know should be covered on the pages in this section, but do get in touch if there is anything we can help you with.

What are Community Shares?

Community Shares is a proven model for Co-operative Societies to raise money and recruit members for new business ventures.  Back in 1844 The Rochdale Pioneers used ‘community shares’ to start their shop, and the principles they established are still internationally recognised by the worldwide co-operative movement today

Members are shareholders and the business is ‘community owned’. 

  • Every shareholder is an equal member with one vote, irrespective of how many shares they hold, making the business totally democratic
  • SEIS offers 50% tax relief incentive – see below for more details
  • Interest rate may be paid on your investment once the Society is in profit, but not in the first 3 years of trading. This will be decided by you as members at AGM, with strategic advice from the Board of Director
  • Share value is fixed and not transferable
  • Shares are locked in for 3 years, and then are withdrawable, according to *terms and conditions of each co-operative
  • Shares are not tradeable on the stock exchange

SEIS – for more information on tax relief eligibility see page 4 as you may be able to claim a massive 50% of your share contribution back on your tax return.  How brilliant is that!!

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