Get involved

Your involvement, membership and loyalty are essential to the success of Village Greens and its long term sustainability.

You can actively participate to help ensure this by:

  • investing in shares, from a min of £100 to become a member
  • giving a donation
  • coming to shop with us
  • offering your time by volunteering to help
  • being an Ambassador for Village Greens and actively promoting our store
  • becoming a Board member (over 18’s)

get involved!

6 thoughts on “Get involved

  1. Hi

    i am not in a position to purchase shares at the moment but would be very interested in volunteering to help out, in setting up or doing the occasional shift once open.


    • Hi denise, not sure if we replayed to your message. Yes, we need loads of help. If you can meet us you could come this saturday at the Village Haul 10:30-4pm at Church Lane Community Centre or come to our next Drop In session at Parkside Pub in New Bury Rd next wednesday 7.15-8pm. At the moment we are looking for Ambassadors who could take our leaflets to their neighbours talking to them or getting their leaflets through their doors. Liase with to collect some or come on saturday if you can.

      Leave your email in our blog and you’ll receive updated news and how to get involved. We hope to meet you very soon. If we haven’t done yet.


  2. Love what your doing guys. Its the first time I’ve come across you :)
    North Manchester has needed ‘your project’ for a long time. I’ve had a passion for organic food for more than 25 years. My best wishes.

    • Thanks Nev, we can’t wait to move to the next stages to get us open by Spring. Please spread the word to help us get the last of the investment we need in the bank!

  3. Hya denise

    Big smiles to the village greens posse.. I am so excited about having our own good food co-operative in Prestwich! you must be nearing the building stage time soon,I have Wednesdays free and would be very happy to offer this up regularly .. hugely passionate about nutrition and community so I’d love to offer help in any way that’s helpful for the project with joy. Please copy me into meeting updates etc.. Am looking forward to meeting the gang.

    • Hi Vicky
      This is wonderful and Wednesday looks like it might be a busy day for some of our main deliveries so your timing is perfect!

      We will certainly keep you up to date with progress and appeals for help too.
      Thanks for your support and enthusiasm – we are all so excited too.
      The Village Greens Team

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