Thank You Gallery

A huge thanks to all the following individuals and organisations who have helped us get this far.  We couldn’t have done it without you!

Jo Bird, CBC ; Co-Ops UK;  Bolton Business Venture; Business Support Solutions; Suma Wholefoods;  Unicorn;  The 8th Day; Green Valley Grocer;  The Real Food Store; The New Leaf Co-Op; The Peoples Supermarket; The Plunkett Foundation; Bury Times; Siobhan at Prestlife; Feeding Manchester network;  Sam Meachin; Amy Wordsworth; Ivan Lewis and his fantastic office staff; Alan Quinn, Jane Black; Steve Wright and all the Local Councillors; Andrew Crompton at Riddell tps; The Parkside Pub; David Richards at The Studio; George Heron; Noel & Susan Goulding; Charlotte Finn; Luci Roper; Nigel Devereux; Paul Harris; Kathy Mills; Paul & Christine Rogers; Adrian Ellison; Marc Roberts; Sean Wheeldon; Vicky Harvey;  Hannah Gross; HH Smith & Sons; Thomas Saul &Co Solicitors; Barbakan Bakery; Faith in Nature; The Gift of Oil; Karen’s Cakes; Karen at The Baking Room; anyone we might have missed (sorry!)


of course


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