About Village Greens

We are 4 founding and 3 co-opted members with a useful and varied range of business and professional skills between us. We have been working together for the last 12 months to plan and develop Village Greens, and we all live in or near Prestwich, and are passionate about how we shop.

We have all volunteered our time and energy without financial reward, and in keeping with the ethos of Community Share Offers we are all investing our money into this project. As Board Directors we intend to stand down at the first Village Greens AGM, and offer ourselves for re-election by the shareholders.  We would encourage any other members who are willing to commit time and energy to put themselves forward, get involved, and then stand for election onto our Board.

Rachel Getliffe

Rachel Getliffe (Secretary & founder) Community project management, HR, Health & Safety and financial planning, with a degree in Human Physiology. Co-founder of Bee Sustainable Energy coop, and involved in local community initiatives.

Janet photo

Janet Kelly (Treasurer) Former Financial Director with background in account administration and bookkeeping. Growing interest in food provenance.


Denise McAvoy (Chair and founder) Varied career as consultant, teacher & mentor in nutrition & health, with past experience at House of Fraser in advertising/promotions and buying/merchandising. Community volunteer.


Pam Meachin (founder) Consumer voice for ethical, local, organic and sustainable food, volunteer at Manchester homeless shelter and experience in small business accounts and bookkeeping. Nutrition student.


Dominic McCann (founder) Specialist in acoustics, environmental noise assessment and control, and co-founder of Bee Sustainable Energy coop. Involved locally and abroad in sustainable development.

Jules copy

Jules Bagnoli Entrepreneur, previous restaurant owner and Businesslink coach with wide network in the catering, food and business community.

Àgata Alcañiz

Àgata Alcañiz Environmental artist and permaculture apprentice, owns her own business for art, graphic design and video production.  Co-founder and previous programmer of community festival envirolution.


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    • Not to worry, because we are looking into other sources of funding like community grants and loans at very good interest rates, though we want to rely on these last ones as less as possible. There are also other paths we can take. All of this will be explained to all our members in a Public Meeting to decide what we can do. In the case of not raising the necessary funds to open the store we all also can decide to withraw and get everybody’s money back -£1 for admin costs. We now need to focus on raise as much money from shares and see how far we can get. There is the good incentive of tax payers beeing elegible to get 50% tax return which is really good as if they invest say £1,000 they get back £500 in their next tax return which is incredibly good. How that it sounds? Any ideas very welcome.

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