Business Plan

Our Business Plan allows you to see the vision for Village Greens, together with planned hours of opening, staff structure, customer forecasts and a whole lot more.  We have been researching our market, visiting other co-ops and working intensively to deliver this plan to show that Village Greens is a viable business proposition, filling a gap in the food market on the north side of Manchester.

For example our on-line survey showed that despite being surrounded by supermarkets here in Prestwich, with 97.32% shopping in them because of lack of choice of local shops, a staggering 97.99% of you said you would use a local community coop.  This gave us the confidence to work towards our Community Share Offer knowing we had your support, and this has now been proven with over 390 members investing your hard earned money to make this happen.

Doesn’t it feel great to be a part of something we have created for ourselves, to improve our community and offer what we want to see and buy.

Join us now, you can still be a member too – see share offer


Please read our plan in full, and feel free to contact us.

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