Cash Flow

Our Cash Flow shows a 3 year projection, based on conservative customer visits and transactions, which we hope we will be able to beat very quickly.

As we are a brand new store we have costed for new equipment for the store, although we will source reconditioned, up-cycled and reclaimed shop fittings as and where we can.

Our unit, within The Longfield Centre, needs considerable work to bring it up to the standard required for food trading although upon negotiation for the lease the landlord kindly agreed to undertake the initial strip out saving us a considerable sum. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the interior.

Investment in Village Greens, through Community Shares, has allowed us to sign the lease, obtain the unit and begin to refit the shop with intense planning in the background in readiness to open by employing and training staff, connecting with suppliers and meeting numerous regulations.

Extra investment at this time will enable us to employ extra staff so PLEASE buy your share now – just click here to find everything you need to know share offer

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