Village Greens is in the heart of Prestwich, in the Longfield Centre, utilising an existing vacant site and making it easy for everyone to visit and shop in.

The Longfield is already a busy area with a large footfall of shoppers. There are two large car parks just minutes from the centre offering 350 free spaces together with small local car parks too, plus easy access from the metrolink and main bus routes. Prestwich is ideally situated for Village Greens being both a prime residential and commuter location with a population exceeding 30,000, with a strong community presence.

Village Greens supports Local in Prestwich, and encourages us all to enjoy the wonderful array of local businesses that Prestwich has to offer.

Its up to us to:

keep our existing local community shops in business

keep the village alive and buzzing

allow new local businesses to be created and prosper

by showing this is what we want with our choice of where we spend our hard earned cash and the businesses we give our support to.


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