Our Mission

Village Greens will be in the centre of our community and will be a place where you can enjoy coming to shop in a bright, welcoming environment with great service from friendly, knowledgeable staff.

We want to help tell the story behind where your food comes from, helping you make an informed choice for what you buy and eat for yourself, your family and friends.

We will keep waste to a minimum, encourage recycling through refillable items, and provide a good and varied range of produce from wonderful fresh, seasonal fruit & veg, to wholefoods, fresh breads, dairy, organic meat and toiletries & household goods made from natural/eco ingredients plus a host of other temptingly good and tasty foods too.

Our mission:

  • To provide a community grocery offering an alternative shopping experience to supermarkets, where consumers can buy fresh fruit and vegetables together with wholefoods at competitive prices. 
  • We endeavour to trade honestly and ethically with all growers, producers and suppliers, sourcing organic, local and fair trade goods from sustainable sources where possible.
  • Foods will be free of artificial additives, preservatives or colours, with minimal processing to ensure foods of a high quality, offer good value, with maximum nutritional benefits,enabling us to operate a ‘No Junk Policy’.

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