It’s National Beer Day!

It’s Beer Day Britain and what better way to celebrate than grab a few local beers from Village Greens and get tasting. The scene was set, the BBQ was lit, it rained, it stopped and we drank some beer (all socially distanced of course!) Here's the verdict.




Shindigger Session 4.2% (Salford based


“Easy drinking IPA you can keep on sipping!” according to the Shindigger website.


“Fruity and very drinkable” says Catherine.


Track Sonoma Pale Ale 3.8% (Manchester based


Their website describes it as a “juicy, bright Pale Ale”


Byron says “smooth, drinkable pale ale. One of my favourites.”


Marble Beers Metric 3.9% (Manchester based


They say “burst of zesty aromas, uplifting grapefruit flavours and a subtle lemongrass finish.”


Catherine thinks "it's tasty and not too heavy, an excellent session beer"


Pomona Island Lefty Scissors 6.5% (Salford based


Described as having flavours of “creamy coconut, complex citrus tropical notes and a hint of mint”


Dan says “With hints of tropical fruit and citrus it’s a tasty beer!”


Byron says "it looks like custard!”


Track Intrinsic Space IPA 6.0%


"Bringing all its grapefruit & ripe orange to the forefront this IPA is seriously crushable”


Byron comments, “Quite sweet, I preferred the Sonoma from Track”


Marble Beers Pro Aqua Boys Bitter 3.2%


They say “This historically low-strength bitter which balances the finest English malts with a decisive hop character is sessionable and moreish.”


One boy says “Nice poo coloured can!” (this was a few beers in!). The other boy says “Strong hoppy flavour!”


It's great having so many local breweries making fantastic beer. If you fancy giving some of these a try then come on down and peruse our well stocked beer shelf and fridge. Cheers to Beer!




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