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Time to get inventive in the kitchen!

Hello Out There!

It’s a funny old time at the moment, we’re all getting used to doing things differently, trying to keep ourselves occupied and looking after ourselves and those around us. That’s what community is all about!

It’s at times like these that we’re glad we have Village Greens so close by. The team in the shop and the volunteers are doing an amazing job keeping the shop stocked, keeping things clean, setting up a veg box delivery service and trying as much as possible to source what people need and keep on top of the increased interest and orders. Huge thanks to them all!

Of course, it’s not always possible to get everything you might need for a specific recipe so you might have to get a little bit inventive in the kitchen. Here’s the soup we had last week following a trip to Village Greens and using what we had in the house (and garden!) No exact quantities provided because it will depend on what ingredients you have but see what you think 😊


  • Onions and garlic – chopped – onions from Village Greens, garlic from the garden

  • Butter – or oil (you could use oil, coconut oil, vegan alternative)

  • Stock cubes – any will do, just use what you’ve got

  • Veg, all chopped up – again use what you have but we used savoy cabbage, carrots, pepper, celery (all from VG), some frozen peas and the remnants of the kale from the garden. Top tip (learnt from experience) – chop up the kale & cabbage quite small so it’s easier to eat and doesn’t dribble soup down your chin 😂

  • Black pepper and lemon juice (2 tsp) for seasoning


  • Sauté onion and garlic in the butter (low to medium heat) until soft

  • Sprinkle the stock cubes over the onions

  • Add boiling water

  • Throw in the veg

  • Add seasoning

  • Boil for about half an hour or until all the veg is cooked


What’s your go to recipe? Have you been adapting things or cooking with a few ingredients? If so please share your ideas on Facebook or Instagram.

If you are out and about then the shop team look forward to seeing you soon (at a safe social distance) or feel free to take a look at the veg and fruit box delivery service (due to high demand there will be a limited number of boxes available)

Stay Well

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