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Pie! Try this lovely recipe for National Vegetarian Week

It's National Vegetarian Week so thought it was a good time to share this recipe (which includes some foraged vegetarian ingredients)

Bombay potato and spinach or nettle pie

We love this in our house! I love Indian food so much and so does my daughter Lily as long as it’s not too spicy 🌶

I always make an extra batch of the Bombay potatoes on their own too so I double the recipe 😋

Cheat's Tip

I use the Geo organic Balti or Tikka masala paste from Village Greens instead of the spice mix in the recipe - these pastes are seriously good! I use them in all my curries.

You can also make little pasties if you use shortcrust pastry. Kids absolutely love the pasties!

Also it’s delicious if you add feta

My quick version is below but the full recipe is here

Cube and par boil 3 large potatoes for 15 mins

Fry 2 onions and when done add to the potatoes, stir in 3 tbsp of Geo organic balti or tikka masala paste,

Add 2 chopped tomatoes and a good handful of chopped coriander

Wash 2 handfuls of spinach or nettles (wear gloves!), squeeze all the water out and add

Oil your pie dish, lay the pastry over so it hangs over the sides, lay it over the base

Spoon in the filling and fold the pastry up to cover the top

Bake at 180 degrees for 35 mins - but check as all ovens are different and the pastry can burn quickly!

Yummy with salsa or greens

Enjoy! 😋

National Vegetarian Week

If you’d like to see some of the staff’s top product picks for National Vegetarian Week then head over to Facebook or Twitter and take a look. Everything from loquats to coconut water.

And finally, if you are trying to get more fruit and veg in your diet them why not order a fruit and veg box for delivery to your door (local area only) or collection from the shop. More details here.

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