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Popping Up: The Ekah Foundation

We just want to say a big thank you to The Ekah Foundation for visiting Village Greens last Saturday and running a pop up stall within the shop. They really enjoyed meeting with all of our lovely customers and it was quite a busy day for them and us.

The Ekah Foundation is (in their words) a cruelty free company based on compassion providing beautiful, natural products, courses and services for wellbeing and health. Of course, at Village Greens we share this ethos and so we are happy to be able to continue selling some of their products in the shop. We hope to have The Ekah Foundation back again one day so if you missed out on meeting them this time there will hopefully be another opportunity.

They are based in Rossendale but you check out the website ( for information on their products and services or you can go straight to the online shop (

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