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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Are you a coffee drinker? Do you buy lots of coffee in foil-based packaging which can't easily be recycled? That was our household up until about six months ago when Village Greens starting stocking coffee beans in their hoppers. Now we can take along our own bag and fill up with as many (or as few) beans as we like. The beans in the shop at the moment come from Heart and Graft Roastery in Manchester. The type of bean changes once in a while so if you're like us and like to try different types there's always a different one coming. If you don't have a grinder, prefer the ground variety or like to drink decaffeinated or instant instead there's always lots of alternative options available in the shop, all fairtrade and often from local suppliers like Grumpy Mule and ManCoCo.

So if you fancy trying something different for your morning, afternoon or evening cuppa then take a container, get it weighed empty at the till and then fill it with beans and off you go. There's always paper bags available if you forget. Enjoy!

Did you know Village Greens now stock over 70 items which can be bought without packaging. See our recent Facebook post for more details.

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