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What have the Dirty Dozen, Poo and Porridge got in common?

These are just some of the things we talked about in Village Greens last Thursday evening…………..are you seeing things? No! Read on to find out more………..

Last Thursday we welcomed Sonka from Theory of Food for the first of a series of four workshops we’ll be hosting at Village Greens throughout 2020. The first, entitled “4 Keys to Change” is designed to give lots of hints, tips and advice to start you on your “healthy” journey.

So, how was it? What did we learn? And what did people think?

The first, very important thing to say is that Sonka works full time as a Mechanical Design Engineer and she’s a Registered Nutritional Therapist in her spare time. She’s not a “health guru” or someone preaching about what you should/shouldn’t eat. She’s a busy lady with a stressful, sedentary job who is sharing her own experiences and what’s worked for her and how simple changes have helped her to look after herself better.

Of course, we’re not going to give away all her secrets (you’ll have to sign up for future workshops for that) but we listened in to an interesting, informative and interactive talk and learned a lot along the way. Here’s a few snippets 😊

  • Nutrients - So as the title of the workshop suggests Sonka talked us through her 4 keys (principles) to help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. We talked about macronutrients (carbs, proteins and good fats) and how a balance of these at every meal (including snacks!) is essential. Try adding seeds (protein) and a spoonful of coconut oil (good fats) to your porridge for a balanced breakfast.

  • Poo! - We talked about poo – yes poo and how to see if your system is working as it should be (it involves eating beetroot or sweetcorn!)

  • Quality - We talked about the quality of our food and how we should strive to buy the best quality we can afford. Village Greens can help here with the excellent range of organic fruit and veg on offer. If you are thinking about going organic why not check out the Dirty Dozen (the most sprayed fruit and veg) This is a great starting point if you are thinking about switching some things over others.

  • Hints & Tips – there were loads of them, really practical. Again, we can’t give them all away but here’s my key (no pun intended!!) takeaway. Use a kitchen paper lined plastic box when you store spinach (or any leaves) in the fridge. It really works and I’ve been doing this since Sonka visited us 2 years ago. The leaves last ages, you don’t waste anything so it saves you cash. 😊

And what did our lovely audience think?

  • “I attended your seminar in the Village Greens last Thursday. I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the session. I thought your seminar was presented professionally with wealth of information and helpful tips, at the same time with lightness and humour. It was truly inspiring, like a spark that kindled the fire. I can’t wait for the next seminar”

  • “I just wanted to say THANK YOU for hosting today’s workshop, it was amazing.”

  • “Sonka’s talks are so interesting and informative and we left with lots of useful handouts to help us on our way – these are usually only available to her one-to-one clients so it’s a real added bonus!”

Intrigued to hear more? If you are interested in signing up for future workshop with the Theory of Food then check out these links (or ask in the shop). The workshops are offered on a Pay As You Feel basis so we’ll be asking for donations at the end.

“Stress Control in Practice”:

Theory of Food offers lots of practical hints and tips on social media so why not follow on Facebook or Instagram and get your free tips there.

If you’d like to work with Sonka on a one-to-one basis or attend of her workshops in a different location then check out the Theory of Food website here.

Thanks Theory of Food and here’s to a healthy 2020!

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