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Quick and Easy Spicy Red Lentil Spread

Hello Village Green followers. It’s been a while since my last blog entry. Times sure are strange and while we’re super busy at work keeping the shelves stocked and the shop clean, at home I seem to have a little more time! I’ve been spending time in the garden, relearning how to crochet and of course, I’ve been photographing some of my kitchen creations and will try to share them as if I can do it, anyone can. I’ll focus on ones that rely heavily on store cupboard essentials that you may have in without having to make any special outings.

Here goes, spicy red lentil spread. I made this in 20 mins when we discovered we had run out of houmous and chickpeas!! I know! This is a very rare occurrence in our house but it was very quickly resolved thanks to this fab book: Vegan On The Go.

Here is the recipe (I doubled it up and it made about 150g):

The verdict, delicious but I put less salt in and it was just right. Perfect on Pittanoor's lovely wholemeal pittas!

I’ll try to share more of my quick and easy recipes when I can. Keep safe everyone.

Karen x

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