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A Rum Good Deal! Rum Tasting & World Refill Day

Hi, it’s Becca here and this blog is all about rum. Last month we went on the Salford Rum Company’s Spiced Rum Experience. Village Greens have been stocking this rum for a while and it’s been a favourite in our house since, so when this experience popped up on a social media feed, I thought it would make a great birthday pressie.

The experience started with a cocktail made from the Salford Rum Company’s honey rum, a banana daiquiri – I am told it was delicious but unfortunately I can’t eat bananas (very weird and very annoying) so had the alternative of the honey rum with apple juice. Absolutely moreish and apparently very good in winter if you warm it up. Must remember that when it’s not 25 degrees outside.

The resident mixologist, Jamie, leads the event sharing tales about the history of rum, it’s connections with the Salford docks and the beginnings of the Salford Rum Company and how it’s grown and developed out of a drunken idea. I won’t give away too much but Jamie’s storytelling is captivating and Ryan (who runs the bar) serves rum samples and yummy cocktails throughout. We hear all about how rum is made, a bit about the iconic bottle drawn by local artist Dave Draws and are introduced to Willow, their 380 litre rum still. This all takes place in the Dirty Old Town Distillery, their premises which is tucked away under a railway arch in Salford.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which comes highly recommended. If you love rum or are just keen to try, the whole experience lasts around 90 minutes and makes for a fascinating afternoon. Read all about the Salford Rum Company here.

Here at Village Greens we stock 3 of the Salford Rum Company’s rums which include:

• Spiced Rum

• Dark Spice

• Honey Rum

(note they have also recently launched a white rum but it’s not landed on our shelves yet)

Plus we also do the original spiced rum as a refill, so if you bring your own bottle along we can refill. And today, for World Refill Day it’s 10% off refills of rum* so pop down quick with your empties ready for the weekend.


*Friday 16th June 2023 only. 10% off refills of rum, oils, cleaning products & hair/body products. Refills only, while stocks last.


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