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How to grab a bargain at Village Greens

Village Greens is REALLY expensive, right? We heard this recently and didn't agree as we are always trying to keep our prices as competitive as possible in the current climate so here’s a little run down on what to think about when doing your shopping. You might just get a nice surprise.......

1. Are you comparing like with like?

A lot of our products are organic and so it’s only fair to compare with other organic products. For example you might be able to buy a packet of tomatoes or a bag of apples from a very cheap supermarket for pennies but they aren’t organic, responsibly sourced or free from plastic! All of our fruit and veg is organic and most of our hopper products too. Always check the labels/signs.

The hoppers are a great place to grab a bargain. For example organic pumpkin seeds are currently £9.45 per kg (or 95p per 100g) A 100g bag from Tesco is £1.70

2. Can you buy the same things elsewhere locally?

I was really surprised when I started to look at this more closely and the answer is often no. There’s so much choice of delicious things in our hoppers and their organic equivalents are just not stocked by the larger supermarkets nearby. Things like dried pulses and beans, split peas, pearl barley, quinoa etc. There’s some limited choice but we really do have the best range.

3. Do you really need 500g or a full packet of something for trying out a recipe?

We are all guilty of trying something and then leaving the open packet in the cupboard until it gets found years later. The beauty of buying from a hopper or buying loose is that you can take just what you need and you don’t need to worry about waste or storage space. Our loose herbs and spices are a great option if you are just trying something out.

4. Are you really sure it’s more expensive?

It’s not always easy to compare when out shopping (prices might be quoted per kg or each) so we’ve made this job easier for you. Our price comparison board for fruit and veg shows what’s’ cheaper that week compared to the organic equivalents in the local supermarkets (green = cheaper). Look up next time you are browsing our veg! We’ve also added little green stars to the things which are cheaper. I popped in yesterday and there’s so much green on the board!!

5. Are you really, really sure?

We love Longley Farm products in our house and I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that Village Greens is SO much cheaper than Morrisons (which is the only major local(ish) supermarket which stocks their products I believe) 55p for a yoghurt compared to 65p at Morrison’s and £1.25 for the cottage cheese compared to £1.49 in Morrisons!! So it’s sometimes worth double checking your favourites because you might get a nice surprise.

6. But some things are still more expensive?

We are always careful to keep our prices as competitive as they can be based on our costs. As a small business we just don’t have the buying power and space to take advantage of bulk or discounted buying. We are also an ethical business, owned by our members and always reward our staff fairly. We do our best to remain competitive based on the size and nature of our business and the service we provide but do appreciate it's difficult for everyone in the current climate. We do our best 💚

7. Offers/discounts

Our coffee and pastry offer on a Monday is a great bargain (£3.50) and we have our discounted shelf too. Just ask in the shop if you need to find it. Plus offers are posted on social media every so often so keep an eye out.

And here’s another thing…did you know that we now have offers for our members? As a community co-operative which is owned by its members we felt it was only fair to give something back to those who have invested. Our members can collect their membership card which gives discounts on different products each month. So if you are a member and haven’t collected your card, pop in and chat to the team. If you aren’t a member and would like to find out more, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help. More info here:: Members | Village Greens (

8. What am I getting for my money (that’s not actually in the shopping basket?)

Well here’s the thing…..the team at Village Greens are so knowledgeable and helpful and always willing to give advice on different products. You get a friendly service from a small local business and a lovely overall shopping experience. Something which you can't put a price on 💚

So in times when we are all trying to save a little it’s worth double checking to see what’s a little bit cheaper. And remember you get what you pay for so if you are looking for organic produce, personal service and peace of mind that you aren’t harming the planet then we might just be the best choice. Thank you for shopping with us.

Blog by Becca, VG Volunteer, Board Member & Customer

(Please note prices in the photos may not be current - please check current prices in the shop)

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