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What's round and sounds like a trumpet?

A crumpet of course! Karen here and with a blog that's all about crumpets!

Bake Off has been back for Stand Up To Cancer and so my attention has once again been drawn to their recipe page on their website.

Being a Bolton girl I’ve had my fair share of Warburton’s crumpets and recently, when curious how they were made, discovered that they have the recipe on their website! (Recipe for our Crumpets Revealed | News | Warburtons) Of course, I had to give them a go and they turned out delicious.

I noticed there were a lot of vegans and vegan recipes on Bake Off in this latest series and so thought I’d see what recipes they had for me to try. This is when I discovered….Chocolate Crumpets!

Here’s the link to the original recipe:

As the original crumpets I made didn’t need any alteration I suspected these wouldn’t need much either and I was right. I just subbed the whole milk with Oato oat milk.

All if the ingredients are easy to find, I got everything I needed at Village Greens…including, yes, the jam. I didn’t make that myself. They were a lot of fun to make and were absolutely divine. The mixture just grew and grew when left to rest, it really was quite remarkable as it was only left for 20-30 minutes.

Luckily, I doubled the recipe because I know the first ones never go to plan and that certainly was true. With the first three I learned that the batter will double in size and so you shouldn’t overfill the rings, they just kept growing and growing and growing! If you use too much mixture the bottom will start to burn before the top has cooked and then you’ll be trying to flip them whilst they’re all runny…not easy!

Other than that, they went pretty smoothly and were very well received by my other half who is a real crumpet fiend. They aren’t sweet on their own so we had them with jam delicious St Dalfour Raspberry Jam.

So here goes. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did.


For the crumpets:

75g plain flour

75g strong white flour

25g cocoa powder

7g fast-action dried yeast

½ tsp caster sugar

175ml warm whole milk (I subbed this with Oato Oat Drink)

75ml warm water

¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda

1 tsp salt

sunflower oil, for cooking & greasing


Step 1 Make the crumpet batter. Tip the flours, cocoa powder and yeast into a bowl and mix together. Stir the sugar into the warm milk until dissolved, then pour onto the flour mixture. Use a wooden spoon to beat the mixture for 3–4 minutes to a smooth batter.

Step 2

Cover and leave to stand for 30 minutes. As you can see, after such a short time the mixture had expanded massively!

Step 3 When the batter is ready, mix the water in a jug with the bicarbonate of soda and salt. Stir this into the batter, then add a further 2–3 tablespoons of warm water and mix the batter to a thick, dropping consistency, like double cream. Cover and leave to stand for 20 minutes.

Step 4 Heat a frying pan over a medium–low heat and lightly grease it. Sit 3 crumpet rings in the frying pan. Ladle the batter into the rings until it comes halfway up the side of each ring. After 4–5 minutes bubbles should appear and the surface should be set. Carefully turn over the crumpets in their rings and cook for a further 3 minutes.

Karen's Tip: Try not to overfill as I did on my first attempt with messy consequences. They started to burn on their bases and the raw tops splatted everywhere when I flipped them...

I used cookie cutters as my crumpet rings, as you can see. They work absolutely fine.

Step 5

Remove the cooked crumpets from the griddle and set aside to keep warm. Repeat with the remaining 3 rings and batter. Spread all the crumpets with butter, then top with the cherry jam and, for the best results, serve straightaway.

Thank you so much for reading my blog. As always, your comments are welcome, especially if you’ve tried this recipe too.



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