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The C Word

The dreaded virus word, we can’t avoid it but here’s a different C word to brighten your day.


After all, Village Greens is our local community co-operative and what a wonderful resource it is to have on our doorstep. A fantastic team working very hard to bring us what we need.

So this blog is about sharing some of the fab things going on in and around Village Greens and the local area at the mo.

💚 Supporting local charities – Village Greens is very proud to have donated some ingredients so 50 home cooked meals could be supplied to destitute refugees in Bolton. Read more in this Facebook post.

💚 Connect with a small local business. There’s lots in Prestwich and now’s the time to support them so here’s a few examples of some of the products and services being offered. 😊

Lovely Myro of Myro Doodles who many of you may know (because she worked in the shop and was always creating amazing window art) shares lots of hints and tips about how to get creative during lockdown. Give her a follow on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s a little tutorial on how to doodle on eggs using duck eggs bought at Village Greens. Myro’s also selling hand drawn song lyrics - great idea for a gift.

Member of the shop team, Soraya, is an amazing photographer and she’s offering “From a Distance” photography in Prestwich, great way to capture this time. More details here and don’t forget to follow her on Facebook or Instagram

Our neighbours at the Keg, Cask and Bottle were a little bit busy with the arrival of their new baby. Congratulations! But they’ve now set up a beer delivery service. We’re acting as a collection point for growler refills. Have a read here about how it all works. Oh and give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

💚 Spreading some cheer

One of our customers, Alison, thanked us for saving her some flour. It's allowed her and her family to keep up the tradition of making pizzas on a Saturday.

If there are any products you are looking for or would like saving then please let us know and we'll do our best (obviously not guaranteed!) 😊

💚 A bit of creativity – our friend and volunteer Dave shares a poem

"It's a circus without the flying trapeze They want to bring us down to our knees.. It's a conundrum that's difficult to solve but we are made of strong stuff and have great resolve. Toilet Rolls & hand gel as prize possession people queuing at church to get to confession. The world as we know it has turned on its head the 1 place we feel safe is tucked up in our bed. It's become an extreme of love and fear what's REALLY going on? It's all so unclear. So many theories being banded about some staying quiet, others will shout. For the feeling of uncertainty taking its toll No visits right now to the shopping mall. People obeying every rule no place to go, not even school. Which will please the kids of that I’m sure but some parents just can't cope any more. Bike riding and walking and sitting in the sun it's a challenging situation but we can make it fun. People are connecting and speaking on the phone we can see this all differently we don't need to moan. It's all like a movie and we are playing our roles this whole experience is touching many souls. Going back to basics is what we must do music, TV, cook a meal or 2. Chatting with each other and connecting through heart maybe, just maybe we'll create a new start. Don't suffer alone, it's good to connect and when that can't happen it's time to reflect. Laughter and fun keeps the immune system strong Whatever you do, there's no right or wrong. Being forced to slow down from the busyness of life every child, every adult, husband and wife. This won't last forever, sit tight and ride the storm we are all aware this isn't the norm. On the other side of this a new earth will be born, we will party, sing and beep our car horn. We're in this together as rough as it feels Gratitude for each other and a table of meals. When all this is over we will look back and say wow, that was bizarre, now let's go and play!"

💚 Continue to support Village Greens – here’s a quick reminder how you can shop at the moment

  • Come into the shop! You are welcome if you have no symptoms but please observe social distancing rules, wear gloves (provided) when using the hoppers and it’s card payment only for the time being. Opening times may be subject to change so keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram.

  • If you over 70, vulnerable or self-isolating you can email your order to, pay online using secure payment and our volunteers will deliver to you (local deliveries only).

  • If you can get out but would prefer not to come into the shop then place your order as above and come and collect from the back of the shop.

  • We’ve also launched our veg and fruit box delivery service. Delivered on a Monday and Thursday afternoon to M25/M45 postcodes. More details here.

Look after yourselves and each other. 💚

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