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It's Plastic Free July!

Thanks to Rachel for this great blog!

Hi everyone, so did you know it’s Plastic free July? It’s an annual movement that encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption. It started in 2011 has since become very popular with an estimated 326 million people getting involved last year!

This campaign shows us how little changes really do add up and make a big difference to reduce the impact of plastic on our planet.

I’m sure we all are aware of the horrors of plastic, it stays on Earth without biodegrading, as it’s made from fossil fuels it contributes to climate change, animals eat it, and it pollutes our waterways and green spaces.

We have so many plastic free products at Village Greens and we are really passionate about reducing plastic as you know.

All our fruit and veg is loose-buy only what you need.

Paper bags or boxes only.

Refillable household toiletries and cleaning products.

Extensive range of dried foods in our very popular hoppers -bags are of course compostable!

Compostable deli pots / cups

Money back schemes for many refillables.

Terracycle drop off to recycle plastics such as toothpaste tubes, food pouches, batteries, make up tubes etc

Packaging free, compostable or refillable products are what we are about

And much more!

I’m going to focus on one small change each month to give you ideas and show you how simple swaps and lifestyle changes can be surprisingly easy! Can you make one change each month?

Plastic free swap 1

Swap Soap nuts for your laundry liquid

These little soap nuts are amazing! I use them for all my washing and they are completely natural and plastic free. You just put about 6 of them in the little muslin bag and pop them in with your washing.

They contain real soap and are completely natural and free from toxic ingredients. They are non-polluting and compostable a great alternative to conventional laundry detergents & synthetic soaps! They clean my clothes really well at 30c and I have a young daughter who loves mud! They can also be used on all fabrics at all temperatures. Your clothes smell fresh but don’t have a strong scent, sometimes I add a couple of drops of essential oils.

Here are the benefits

* Organic

* Vegan

* Compostable

* Hypoallergenic

* Palm Oil Free

* Phosphate Free

* SLS Free

* Synthetic Free

* Cruelty Free

Let us know how you find them.......

Do you have any tips to reduce plastic? Please share 💚


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