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More Falafels!

Hi, Becca here. Wrote this blog ages ago and forgot about it but as it's apparently International Falafel Day today thought it was a good time to share.

Have been cooking lots of things from the Mindful Chef book recently. Lots of different recipes, they are all gluten free and some are vegan. All recipes are meant to take 30 minutes or less but take this with a pinch of salt especially if grating beetroot is involved!!

This one was for beetroot falafels with a fennel and orange salad and parsley quinoa.

We’ve also been trying to cut down on waste and try some new ingredients and for this recipe it was quite easy because most of the ingredients were already in the cupboard/fridge or could be bought waste free from Village Greens.

New ingredient: chickpea or gram flour - it's used in a few of the recipes in this book so a good excuse to try more different ones soon.

Waste free ingredients: Quinoa from the hopper (just buy what you need to save cash, space), garlic, parsley, beetroot, fennel and an orange. All bought loose and where needed using paper bags I had used before.

Stuff we already had: tin of chickpeas, cumin seeds, tahini, olive oil and salt and pepper

I pretty much followed the recipe as is but my falafels didn’t stick together too well so didn’t look like the picture and more like an onion bhaji but they tasted yummy so that’s the main thing. And it looked pretty too (trust me – not good at taking Instagram worthy pictures!)


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