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Our Karen. We’ll miss you!

So this blog is about a blogger… fact Village Greens’ most prolific blogger, Karen. With a heavy heart we are wishing Karen well as she moves on to pastures new. Karen has been with the Village Greens team for more than 5 years and is always known as the organised one, the one who writes in the shop diary and keeps lists (some lists even have sub sections for other lists) and her amazing blogs.

Starting out with sharing recipes and kitchen experiments, the tales moved on her vegan journey, product reviews and stories from her travels.

But who can forget the most fabulous set of blogs when Karen embarked on for the Bake Off Challenge! Each week she would veganise the technical challenge from Bake Off, starting out relatively easy with malt loaf and vegan sausage rolls and moving on to Prinzregententorte and Sable Breton (if you have no idea either then see below). Often baking late into the night to share her creative ideas across Prestwich and beyond.

Every member of the Village Greens team brings their own different skills to make things work and keep things going, especially throughout difficult times. Karen has worked tirelessly to organise the shop pop ups and events, especially over the last year as footfall in Prestwich has dwindled. And if you’ve been along to any of them you’ll know just how fabulous they are. We’ll miss her dedication, her brilliant ideas, her love of apples (some excellent recipes have been shared in various blogs – see below!), her hatred of potatoes (Christmas dinner without potatoes – what’s that about?) No matter what the situation, Karen always puts a positive spin on it. She sees the best in people and is, in short, an amazing human being.

One final story about Karen was shared by our Emma.

“I remember the day Karen tried to save a pigeon from the shop. She gently threw it in the air like she was releasing a dove….and it fell to the ground in shock!!”

(The bird was taken to a sanctuary and it was absolutely fine)

So here’s to you Karen. Good Luck, come back and see us soon. Your new employer is lucky to have you.

With love from your VG Family xxxx

In case you missed them……some of Karen’s blogs……..

Bake Off Challenges

Wwoofing Adventures


Product Reviews

And finally Karen’s vegan journey


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