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Plastic Free July - Liquid Refills

Hello, Becca again and back with a few more things we've tried to swap to plastic free alternatives since my last blog about 18 months ago. If you missed it first time around then here it is again.

Shampoo & Conditioner: I started out with the Dragon Fruit shampoo and conditioner from Faith in Nature which smells just lovely and you don't need much. For someone who is constantly doing gym classes I have to wash my hair quite a lot. Sadly there's no refill option for this "flavour" in the shop so I'm now refilling with the Tea Tree options from the refill station. Loads of different shampoos and conditioners available for different hair types.....just pop in and have a look.

Body Wash: I used to use lots of different types of body wash and didn't really have a favourite but was very happy to see the Dragon Fruit body wash from Faith in Nature is available as a refill so that's another swap!

Laundry Liquid: I was using washing liquid pods which come with a lot of hard plastic packaging which is impossible to recycle so we've recently moved to washing liquid.. Definitely worth the swap and no difference in cleaning quality.

If you didn't know Faith in Nature is based in Radcliffe and has been making cruelty free personal care products since 1974! Their products are vegan, ethical and use natural fragrances.

How does it work with liquid refills?

We charge by the millilitre so as long as you know the volume of the bottle you are filling we can just charge accordingly. It's a good idea to reuse a bottle from a similar product so you know what it is and how much is in the bottle. I also find it useful to have a couple on the go so when one is empty you can refill and have it ready to go when the other one is used up.

Some of the liquid products on our refill station use a pump dispenser and others have a tap. If you'd like a hand then just ask.

Which other liquids can I refill?

For a full list of refills have a look on our website here. You can refill everything from washing up liquid to hand soap and even oil and Salford Rum!


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