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We are Seven!

It was our birthday last weekend and we were seven! Another great milestone and fantastic to see how much we’ve evolved over the last 7 years. Time to look back over the last 12 months and see some of the things which have changed, what’s new and what we’ve achieved! Here’s our top 7…………..

1. Coffee

Back in March we invested in a beautiful shiny new coffee machine and are now proud to serve takeaway coffee. A few of the shop team have been trained and are becoming experts. Read more in Karen's blog here. The coffee comes from Heart & Graft in Newton Heath where it’s sourced as ethically as possible and roasted locally. Our cups are fully compostable or you can use or purchase a re-useable cup to keep waste as low as possible. Loads of coffee options available and there’s a choice between dairy and oat milk too.

2. Deliveries by electric bike

About a year ago we started to use an electric bike courier service for our deliveries. Fruit and veg boxes (and other items) delivered on a Monday afternoon. If you fancy getting some organic, locally sourced fruit and veg delivered to your door then get ordering here. (You can also pick up from the back of the shop too if easier or if you live outside the M25/M45 area)

3. Recycling

Did you know we are a collection point for hard to recycle items? Lots of different options from Terracycle and we collect batteries too. This year we’ve raised £100 for our chosen charity Shelter by sending your packaging off to Terracyle. More info about what we collect here (or just ask in the shop or look at the collection bins)

4. Donations to Humans MCR at Christmas

At Christmas we were proud to donate over 750 kilos of fresh fruit and veg to Humans MCR and provide all the veg provisions for Christmas dinners for 400 vulnerable people across Manchester and Bury. This was all paid for through your generous donations with the surplus being made up by Village Greens. Huge thanks to those who donated, it made a huge difference!

5. New refills

So many new refill options added this year and we continue to add food, drink, home and personal items which can be refilled in your own containers. There’s too many to list here but you can see what’s available on the website here. If there’s anything else you are looking for then let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

6. New deli additions

We continue to stock loads of locally sourced deli items throughout the week but we’ve taken on a couple of new additions over the last year including vegan sushi from CB Sushi on a Saturday. If you scroll through the options on our website here you’ll see which days things come in but there’s everything from vegan cheesecake to Mediterranean salads and wraps to Indian snacks and delicious pies. Come and have a look!

7. Staying open!

We’ve been lucky enough (apart from one minor blip) to stay open over these last 12 months. From the height of the pandemic and all the lockdowns, service has continued as normal. The team have really worked hard to keep us all fed and supplied with those difficult to source items (you remember the 2020 flour shortage?!)

So, if you’ve not been in for a while, come and see us, wish us a belated Happy Birthday and here’s the next 7 years! See you soon.


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