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What! More bargains?

Hello, it’s Becca again and I have a bee in my bonnet…..about this myth that Village Greens is super expensive. If you read my previous blog you’ll have found loads of ways to shop ethically and locally and not break the bank. Here goes with some more……

1. Bulk Buying – We offer a bulk buy discount of 10% on pre-ordered items so there’s a particular tea you love or you use lots of oat milk in your coffee, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

2. Scoop Bins – As well as our hoppers we have lots of things in scoop bins. I took a quick look at dried fruit and found that our organic sultanas and raisins are very good value compared to Tesco. £5 and £5.20 per kg respectively which compares to £7.73 from Tesco. Plus you can buy what you need and using your own container so there’s no packaging either. Win Win.

3. Refills - refills are a great way of saving money. We stock lots of products from Faith in Nature and their shampoos and conditioners are particularly lovely. If you buy a brand new bottle it costs £6.75 but a refill is just £4.90 for the same amount. AND you can keep on refilling the same bottle over and over again (TOP TIP: Buy 2 so you can have one on the go and one for refilling)

4. Price Matching – as mentioned last time we do our best to keep our prices fair based on costs but sometimes it’s hard to be the cheapest because we simply can’t complete with the buying power for larger organisations BUT we are pleased to say there are products where we are the same as Tesco. Pukka tea for example.

5. Member Offers – I mentioned last time that you can become a member of Village Greens. We have over 400 members, some who invested when we opened (almost 9 years ago!) and some who have invested more recently. As a co-operative our members own a share of Village Greens and have a say in how we operate. As well as being part of our lovely organisation you can also save when shopping. Our member offers can make products cheaper or the same price as other local supermarkets. Find out more about becoming a member here and look out for stickers around the shop.

6. Discounted shelf.....check it out. Products close to their best before date. Here's a recent bargain I found. 💚💚💚

7. Any finally…don’t forget to look up when you are shopping for fresh fruit and veg. Our price comparison board lets you know what’s cheaper than the nearby supermarkets and there’s often lots which is cheaper.

Happy shopping!

Note, please check current prices in the shop as they may have changed since time of writing.


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