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Dave's Faves!

Meet Dave. He is a member, customer and volunteer at Village Greens. He's picked a few of his favourite products to share with you. So if you fancy trying something new or are looking for a recommendation then here's some great reviews and ideas. Enjoy!

Nutritional Yeast Flakes (Engevita)

Amazing & tasty, and very versatile....I sprinkle these on "Crispy Kale", on Toast, and even add them to my Rice & Pasta Dishes.....they have a wonderful nutty / cheesy taste and almost "melt" in hot dishes. LOVE them.


This has to be the most succulent, juicy, sweetest and flavoursome Grapefruit in world history.......quite simply PHENOMENAL.

"Raw" Sauerkraut

It's really rare for a Sauerkraut to be so crunchy, but this really is! VERY tasty, not too sharp, and a wonderful Probiotic source...goes well as a side dish and accompaniment to any meal.

Wholemeal Sourdough Bread (from Trove Bakery)

My digestive system simply ADORES this Sourdough.....Dense but light, HIGHLY consistent, and fluffy....makes amazing toast too and it toasts & defrosts brilliantly from the freezer (where I always store mine). There is a range of Sourdough breads available and they are all wonderful.

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