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Christmas is coming early to Village Greens

Christmas is coming and believe it or not we placed our first Christmas order with one of our suppliers back in June! We realise that this year has been unlike any other and it’s very difficult to make plans for the future at the moment but we are going to do our best to keep your spirits up and get our Christmas on in the shop!

I thought I’d fill you all in on what we have planned this year. On Saturday 14th November we'll have the lovely Hannah from The Bud and Pot selling her amazing handmade Christmas Wreaths outside the shop.

We've already put out all of our Christmas goodies for sale with plenty of gifts including vegan and gluten free options plus gifts from local and charitable suppliers:

Olive& (Bolton) beautiful handmade, zero waste soaps and bath fizzes

Lydia Meiying (Manchester) Gorgeous art designs on tea towels, notepads, badges, mugs

Salford Rum (Salford) Delicious spiced rum in their eye-catching bottles. New gifts sets available!

Down To Earth (Bolton) lovely handmade, zero waste lip balms and hand creams

Good Bubble (Manchester) Natural bath and hair care for kids featuring some of their favourite story characters

Lottie Shaw's (Yorkshire) Artisan baked treats based on long held family recipes

1 Tree Cards (Charity: Eden Reforestation Project) Each card sale plants a tree and comes with a little seed token so you can grow bee friendly flowers at home

Sophie Preston Art (Prestwich) Christmas cards sold on the day on a pay as you feel basis to support local charities helping people struggling due to the impact of Covid.

Prestwich Mums Annual Christmas Collection for Charity

We are also acting as a collection point for the 7th Annual Prestwich Mums Christmas collection in support of local charities. You have until 6th December to drop any items with us (new toys, new pyjamas for Mums and kids, toiletries, nappies, wipes, gift sets and foodie treats) More details here:

So if you'd like to support us and other local suppliers and charities then come and have a look at what's on offer (all socially distanced of course!)

Hope to see you soon 💚

PS. Now's a great time to make your Christmas cake so why not check out some of our previous blogs with my recipe for a vegan Christmas cake or Becca's recipe for a non-vegan version. All ingredients available in the shop. Happy baking!


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