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A huge thank you to our volunteers

It's Volunteers' Week and we wanted to say a huge thanks to all of our volunteers who make Village Greens what it is today. We have so many people who help us with food collections and deliveries, organising our events and manning the stalls, being part of our Board and so much more. Today we meet a few of our volunteers to find out what they love about Prestwich and Village Greens.


Favourite Products from Village Greens: "Fresh veg, lentil crisps and buttermilk!"

The best thing about living in Prestwich: "The Clough – must have been there almost every day since I moved to Prestwich 17 years ago!"

What else: "I grew up in a Lake District Village where we knew everyone. I wanted to be part of Village Greens to be part of this local community, it's really important to me and my family."

Emma and her family helping at the So Prestwich Cake and Bake Show


Favourite product from Village Greens: "Jointly - "Inspired Vegan" Hollandaise Sauce & Biona Beetroot Slices"

Best thing about living in Prestwich: "It's perfect for transport connections, Heaton Park & Village Greens."

What Else: "I adore anything Purple, I facilitate 'Talking Stick' Sharing Circles, I love listening to Acapella and I can juggle with 3 balls."


Favourite Product from Village Greens: "ChariTea green and Booja Booja ice cream (and 500 other products but I had to limit myself here)"

The best thing about living in Prestwich: "The community and sunny evenings at the Flower Park"

What else: "Turned my passion into my full time job and work as a photographer - but most of my time I am with my two little ones. I love snacking around 9pm, moved to the UK for love (originally from Germany), unfortunately don’t like the colour red and watermelon (random, I know), but love peanut butter and a lot of mayo on my chips."


Favourite product from Village Greens: "Yeast flakes from the refill station"

The best thing about living in Prestwich: "Prestwich has green space for walking, tennis and basketball courts for sports, and lovely places to eat and drink."

What else: "I'm vegan and currently studying for a MSc in Human Nutrition. I enjoy cooking and eating, the gym, walking, watching films, electronic music and travelling (picture is from Colca Canyon in Peru)."

Huge thanks to all of our volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer in any way then please let us know by emailing


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